German automakers, BMW and Tensorflow

Recently german automakers are having hard times: innnovation is stalling, electrification is not consequent enough – all in all: they will lose the race for future mobility, they say. But will they?

I’ve seen BMW from the inside from 2010 to 2015 when I was working on different digitalization projects for MINI and BMW (the still online webconfigurator was one of it). And even back then BMW was astonishing far ahead of many other big companies I knew, eg. in agility adoption. I think, there’s a difference in the „nerdy and cool“ Tesla attitude and the german engeneering art. Don’t underestimate the latter. I just stumbled upon a GUI for Element in picture recognition based on Tensorflow, written by BMW, released on Github.

I know, they are nailing it. And if they realese it – it just works. BMW thinks in quality above time. Their strategy to OpenSource AI components is part of their innovation program. Maybe they want to acquire new talent by this – maybe they just show a glimpse of the massive AI powered production line they have 😉

notion for…

Somebody on the Twitterverse recently wrote „build notion for…“ will become a standard term. I usually don’t like these „uber for“ comparisons, but in this case there’s a point. notions power comes from its ever growing templates gallery.  I see a market where you could say: „our working-template for…

  • facebook campaigns
  • twitter campaigns
  • newsletter-list building
  • online webinars“

is XXX. And you as a customer don’t need to reinvent the wheel anytime you start a campaign. Make these work-templates best in class by getting the „rockstars“ of that vertical on bord and there’s a shortpath to marketdomination.

Pro Tip: start implementing these work-templates by using virtual assistants from my-vpa 😉

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