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Listening to spotify music – on your iPod classic

The other day I was drawn into the retro wave and got out my old iPod classic. I still love the iconic interface which set new boundaries.

I especially like that is has no internet connection and thus no notifications or other connectivity which distracts from – well, just listening to music.

On the other hand its annoying, that you have all these subscriptions: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and can’t download the songs to your iPod directly. Enter python and spotdl.

Once you download it, and install ffmpeg addiotionally, you feed it a link to either a spotify song, album or playlist and it translates this to a youtube music link. ffmpeg then grabs the link and meta data like album art and converts it to 128kBit mp3 on your HD.

Is this legal? I am not sure. And I don’t care. As I do have all these subscriptions and don’t share the downloaded mp3, I see it as just another channel on accessing what I am paying for.

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