Moments that change life

Today 5 years ago I was driving on the german Autobahn A5 at 05.30 in the morning, when a sleepy van driver changed onto my lane unexpectedly I had to dodge it and crashed into a lorry nearly unbreaked.

Thankfully I was not injured but my car was totally destroyed as I had hit the lorry with about 130km/h.

A moment that changed my life. This is what I took from it:

  1. Big german cars save lifes – literally 😉
  2. Always expect the unexpected
  3. At a certain speed, physics is just physics – no software or hightech can help. When life hits, every mm crumple zone counts

After the crash I was not driving for 4 weeks. I was too afraid. Eventually I got back into the cockpit and there is no anxciety anymore. But my average speed is down significantly.

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