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VNC to OSX – the fast and mature way with Remotix

I’ve been usingdiffernet VNC viewers to connect to OSX in the last years but now came accross Remotix by Nulana.

It solves some typical VNC problems which made VNC not really a productive alternative:

  • built in support for the Appe ScreenSharing encryption
  • pasteboard sharing (it acutally works smoothly)
  • Apple adaptive codec (it makes it really fast – feels like you are actually at the remote mac
  • lets you select to which monitor you want to connect (acutally the only vnc client I found so far which does this)
  • lets you lock the remote screen (no other vnc client does it)
  • automatically sets the correct keyboard layout (workin with an Apple keyboard on a win 10 now really works)
  • ssh tunnels
  • RDP (windows)
  • there are also Android /iOS Apps available – havent tried them yet.

Drawback:  its commercial license is for private use $39,99 and professional use $79,99.

I am giving a try the next 15 days – thats the freemium period.

IT winswitch

WLAN Profile unter WIN 10 löschen.

Wenn Win 10 mal nicht zu einem eigentlich bekannten WLAN verbinden will, kann man so die vorhandenen WLAN Profile anzeigen…
  1. Kommandozeile öffnen: Windows Taste drücken und CMD eingeben.
  2. WLAN Profile anzeigen: „netsh wlan show profiles“

… und das Betroffene dann löschen: „netsh wlan delete profile name=“PROFILNAME“

Dann einfach neu connecten.


Seer – Quick Look for Windows 10

On my journey on a switch from OS X to Windows 10 one of the missing bits in the daily usage was the „Quick Look“ / Preview feature in OS X. Its annoying having to double click in explorer lists, just to see whats in the  file.

Throwing in seer, which does exactly that – its customizable with shortcuts and extendable via plugins (autocad, office etc.).


The office plugin isn’t the best to be honest, the natve picture, pdf etc. previes are working as expected: fast and stable.

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And then I found MobaXterm

The only thing which was sticking me to OS X was the abiltiy to use the terminal for ssh connections and native stuff.

Well, I just found mobaxterm for windows which is SO_MUCH_MORE than just a terminal, its a joke I didn’t find out earlier about it. Its a cygwin wrapper, but only roughly 20MB.

Its not only a full blown xterm, but it´s

  • build in graphical sftp client which follows the terminal (!) (dragndrop)
  • tabbed ssh terminal
  • Lean Texteditor
  • VNC client
  • graphical SSH tunnel builder
  • Network Scanner
  • Portscanner
  • Network Packets capturing
  • and much more

I have to say I am truly impressed – its a huge productivity boost for me.

Hint, if you need to find the bin folder: echo „/bin PATH = $(cygpath -w /bin)“