Allgemein IT winswitch

And then I found MobaXterm

The only thing which was sticking me to OS X was the abiltiy to use the terminal for ssh connections and native stuff.

Well, I just found mobaxterm for windows which is SO_MUCH_MORE than just a terminal, its a joke I didn’t find out earlier about it. Its a cygwin wrapper, but only roughly 20MB.

Its not only a full blown xterm, but it´s

  • build in graphical sftp client which follows the terminal (!) (dragndrop)
  • tabbed ssh terminal
  • Lean Texteditor
  • VNC client
  • graphical SSH tunnel builder
  • Network Scanner
  • Portscanner
  • Network Packets capturing
  • and much more

I have to say I am truly impressed – its a huge productivity boost for me.

Hint, if you need to find the bin folder: echo „/bin PATH = $(cygpath -w /bin)“