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Bushs most important speech!

It will start in few minutes: at 21 CET Mr. Bush will talk to his nation – and to the world in his „state of the union“ speech. In an election-year it is the most important speech! What he will take about? He will say just little about the worse situation in iraq; I think the cenatral themes will be of inner-political kind: he has to find a moderate position between the conservative and the democratic voters. maybe about health care? Anyway, let`s see, and if you are able to watch it: do it 😉

UDDI Webservices: future of the internet?

we all know about the major problem of the internet: find the right information you need. so, is going to implement a new standard (basing on xml, …) to connect webservices. the goal i see in it, is to connect different businesses togehter: why should the internet customer book his flight, his hotel, his car,…, at different companies?connect them with one standard, and he gets nice holidays just by booking the hotel. the rest will be done automatically: based on the data the user filled in when booking the hotel, a car will be rented (by choosing the cheapest one from the different connected carcompanies), the flight will be booked (by choosing from the cheapest airline) and so on. it is a very interesting technology, and when you see, which companies stand behind it, you can guess, it will be a success (maybe..;-)

musicians want double money

Due to the fact, that modern anti-copy-piracy technology burns each track twice on one music cd (one to be played in your cd-rom device, and one that is not able to be copied), reports, that musicicians want to get the double amount of money. Well, somehow it`s logically, but it´s even more „chilli“ into the the „discussion-soup“ about music-piracy…