L. Fritz, Hoppers, Cologne

Due to the fact that I love good food and nice amosphere, here is the new category „Eat`n Drink“ and the first entry from the „L. Fritz in Hoppers Hotel in Cologne“.
It´s a gastronomie inside the Hoppers Hotel St. Antonius, and has a very modern, but somehow „sacral“ atmosphere: the nicest place might be the garden, in which a big statue of „St. Antonius“ stands. The name „L. Fritz“ comes from a very influencing photografer from the beginning of the twentieth century. The entries are very big – you might see them as a big snack. I had Bruscetta and calf-ragout as main meal which was fantastic. Though the food was very, very tasty they had enormous portions – hell, I had to eat some of my grilfriends Gnocchis, too, because it was too much for her. Staff was very friendly, and helped us with the wine. They accepted VISA for payment. All in all it was a very nice evening and it gets 7 out of 10 points on my „MCDonalds – RITZ“ Skala 😉VISA accepted.

Meals from vegetarian to meat, from italiy to france

Reservations: Fon: +49.221.1660-500, Fax: +49.221.1660-122, e-mail: l.fritz@hopper.de

opening times:
Mo. – Fr. von
07.00 Uhr-open end
Sa. und So. von 07.00 Uhr-11.00 Uhr, 18.00 Uhr-open end

Mo. – Fr. von 12.00 Uhr-23.00 Uhr, Sa. und So. von 18.00 Uhr-23.00 Uhr
Frühstücksbüfett von 07.00 bis 11.00 Uhr

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