Emerging Democracy: A question of transparency?

I had a very interesting e-mail conversation with Micah Sifry, about emerging democracy, and the power of blogs e.g. during the Dean campaign. We were quite controverse in the question how to deliver content to „the masses“ and back to the politicians, and how it would change democracy: In my opinion one has to get people, where they already are: in their homes sitting in front of their TV. Micah correctly argued, that playing this szenario in Italy under Berlusconis leadership, there won´t be real fair-democracy on TV. And I have to say he is just right. After all it´s a question of transparency and the will of „leaders to accept the criticism of their readers.“ Maybe therefore it was an idea to combine delivered-blog-content with digital TV? I´m very interested in these ideas: how will our children do their elections? How can we find ways to make democracy really democratically? Everybody has to raise his voice, and every voice counts.

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