Suceeding strategies

This article on fastcompany has some very interesting examples on how companies suceeded to broaden their customer-base, to broaden their market. One main aspect is to change your view from inside-outside (what can I do for the market?) to outside-inside (what wants the customer, how can I serve him). I think this article is quite interesting in the context of Loic Le Meurs thoughts about the image of European entrepreneurs (in short he says, if you build up a business in america, and you suceed, you are seen as a hero, but in europe, you are not allowed to show your success, people will be jealous): changing your view on the customers needs, and changing your company-strategy is a kind of entrepreneural behaviour, too. Companies should start being entrepreneurs in changing to the right view, and broaden their pond (very good book: Ram Charan: Every business is a growth business

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