Greatest Business Leaders of the 20th Century

Fastcompany comes with a list of the top 50 business leaders of the 20th century, based on a survey of 7000 executives… Remarkable:

1) There´s only one woman (Estee lauder)

2) There are only americans (what about Akio Morita, founder of Sony?)

Don´t trust a survey you haven´t faked yourself.


Watching Katrina

8 Webcams from NewOrleans – unfortunately their server is temporarily down from time to time…

 38119946 97A7Ac4301What ever happens: keep your humor!


How far can viral marketing go?

 Picturephoning Archives Images Set2 Picture-2There is a flickr photo stream showing a man, who is exposing himself to a woman – she was so very fast with her camera-phone and co

ught a brilliant picture right on his act – the comments on flickr all go in the same direction – people congrate this woman from NYC for her attention and that she reported everything to the police. Poor woman if this really happened to her – but I have a little doubt. She is saying at the very end of her comment:

The phone I used to take the picture was the Samsung P777 cellphone, it’s 1.3 megapixel so that’s why the quality is better than the average cellphone.

It makes me think, if this was just a viral marketing thing – if it was it definitely worked – the article spreads through the blogosphere like hellfire.


Best Latte in the world


I´ve been to italy recently and on my journey I found out, that the best latte macchiato doesn´t come from there, but from my kitchen at home in cologne. Today I want to share my experience in making the best latte in the world („blitw“) with you all – because the sun is shining and I´m in a good mood 🙂

The first thing is,as always, you need GOOD tools. I found out, that all the handmixers out there are just crap. The best thing is to get the milk creamy by hot high pressured steam. A wonderful machine, I won in a tombola ten years ago, is the „Philips Espresso Duo„.

26082005(004)The second important thing is the coffee – I´ve found a very good one at our italian food store around the corner, and it´s called „Bei & Nanini“ in the flavour „Delicato“ – it is a quite strong espresso coffee, so that you don´t need too much of it in balance to the milk.

26082005(002)-2 Ill take about 1 ct l water for the steam and the coffee and about 200 ml of fresh, cold milk for a glass of „blitw“. When you are steaming the milk it is important to move the tip of the steaming thing up and down in the glass, so that all of the milk is being steamed. After that you have to switch your machine from steam- to espresso mode, and the hot water will be pressed through the coffee. It all in all takes about 2 minutes – so it´s extremely fast. It´s very important to keep your machine clean – especially the parts which are soaped with milk.








T-Com Site doesn´t work on Safari


Ladies and Gentleman of T-COM, welcome to the club of „the big elephants„! How can it be, that your site is build with DHTML navigation? Where are we? Back in 1995? Safari is not able to show me the navigation – I´m a technology-interested and IT-advanced person – that´s why I´m using advanced products – why don´t you want me as a customer? I can´t understand how companies of such size can make such big mistakes?!


How much can you read?

Have you ever experienced, that your RSS Reader account is collapsing under the number of unread posts? And this is not just a question of how many feeds you have, it´s also important how frequently there are new entries. I figured out for myself that there are feeds which are updated much too often: Scoble is one of the boys I don´t want to read anymore – and Jeff is another candidate banned from my reader. Om Malik is saying today, that he in average is posting 8 post per day – I somehow „feel“ this is the maximum I want to read. In case there are more entries I don´t feel comfortable to read them all with the care, I want to read them. What´s your maximum?


Google to buy Meetro

Have you heard of Meetro? It´s a location based service: download your windows plugin and write in wherever you are – you´ll soon see, who is also on Meetro in your nearby. Well, Google wants to buy it (as searchengine lowdown reports) and wants to monetize it: but how? Garret supposes Google to integrate it with it´s map services in order to make money – but hey Google: ever heard of Plazes? They already have integrated GM into it and: they are running on OSX, Windows, *nix, Linux.

So why is Google on a buying trip? Aren´t they going too diversified? Now that yahoo claims to have a bigger index, shouldn´t they concentrate on their competences?

No: Google has such a big market saturation, that they have to grow – they have to get diversified in order to be on a technological edge. They just should care who they buy – and have a careful look – maybe plazes would have been a better decision to buy 🙂


Internet TV – the beginnings


With videoblogging we got the first snippets of an upcoming time where video and movies are essentials of the web – and of the users who share them. Yesterday DTV started, and they made a lot of things right (especially starting their project for the first adopters: the mac users) You can download a software, called DTV Player (Which looks very much like itunes, which makes it easy to operate), and get some pre-set channels. But you are able to add your own. What is a channel? It can be sources like ourmedia, or you can build your own channel, by using DTV´s Broadcast Machine. DTV is based on torrent technology, and you can figure it out as an RSS Reader with Torrent-playing capabilities. The Player is still in beta and some bugs can be found, but all in all, the quality of the movies is quite impressing, and it is the right combination of existing opensource technology.


Site of the day: extrememusic.com


Wow, now this is really high class Flash, and I know what I´m talking about 🙂 Dynamic Video, dynamic Sound and *great* animations. Have a look at extrememusic.com


When you know, that you have done it: „It´s like xxx“

I just Steve´s post about YouTube. He say´s,“ It´s like Flickr for Video“.

„It´s like xxx“ – I´ve heard that so often: google tells us min. 51 times people say „It´s like Flickr.“ I guess when people take your company as comparison, you´ve done it the right way.


It´s like pizza“ = 24

It´s like google“ = 69

It´s like microsoft“ = 71

It´s like shit“ = 94