How far can viral marketing go?

 Picturephoning Archives Images Set2 Picture-2There is a flickr photo stream showing a man, who is exposing himself to a woman – she was so very fast with her camera-phone and co

ught a brilliant picture right on his act – the comments on flickr all go in the same direction – people congrate this woman from NYC for her attention and that she reported everything to the police. Poor woman if this really happened to her – but I have a little doubt. She is saying at the very end of her comment:

The phone I used to take the picture was the Samsung P777 cellphone, it’s 1.3 megapixel so that’s why the quality is better than the average cellphone.

It makes me think, if this was just a viral marketing thing – if it was it definitely worked – the article spreads through the blogosphere like hellfire.

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