Internet TV – the beginnings


With videoblogging we got the first snippets of an upcoming time where video and movies are essentials of the web – and of the users who share them. Yesterday DTV started, and they made a lot of things right (especially starting their project for the first adopters: the mac users) You can download a software, called DTV Player (Which looks very much like itunes, which makes it easy to operate), and get some pre-set channels. But you are able to add your own. What is a channel? It can be sources like ourmedia, or you can build your own channel, by using DTV´s Broadcast Machine. DTV is based on torrent technology, and you can figure it out as an RSS Reader with Torrent-playing capabilities. The Player is still in beta and some bugs can be found, but all in all, the quality of the movies is quite impressing, and it is the right combination of existing opensource technology.

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