The special hotels:


Worked a year without holidays: now I´m finished, and my girl and I just want to escape. But all the well known travelling sites just offer the same: „all inclusive in turkey, Robinson Club in the mediterranean, ….“ That´s not what we are looking for: we are searching for the nice, small family driven hotel somewhere in the Toskana. I found a very good site for this issue: (english version here). It is very nice designed, and has all the features you really need: direct-contact fields, a lot of pictures, remember-lists, send-a-freind,.. So, if your looking for a special hotel/pension/appartement throghout europe have a look at

Update: Had a special question and got answer within half an hour.

Editor of the choice: Eclipse SDK IDE

EclipseSince i´ve experienced that having your software „synced“ everywhere is *so* important, I´m watching out for platform independent productive software for our agency. For developing issues I now found Eclipse, which is, from their own website a kind of universal tool platform – an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular.“ And boy that is oh so true, and yet so powerful. Eclipse is fully based Java, so that it´s completely platform independent. It´s plugin-system assures, that it´s nearly endless extensible: PHP, Java, Python, Time Tracking, CVS, …. and A LOT more is able to be installed, after you downloaded it via a setup manager. You can arrange your views as you like – save them and export them anywhere. If you are on any other eclipse installation get it, and your workbench looks like before. There are some *out-of-the-box-packages* you can download, eg. Trustudio which comes with full ftp/webdav/php and python support. Code highlighting as well as -completing are fully integrated. If you´ve got a remote site to work on, you first import it via the import manager to your local machine (whoooo: apache and mysql are running inside the java environment on a buttorn press!!!) and work locally – test it, ant it, as you like. Through the integrated CVS you then export it again, and if you like, your work is tracked and exported into opentime whichs allows your project manager to stear the project. It´s a fast and powerful tool I´m planning to integrate now into our agencys´ workflow.. Did I say it´s opensource and therefore *free*? 🙂

Homepage exclusive: watch your performance


Recently I´ve noticed that „Homepage Exclusive“ ads are becoming more and more popular on the web. As in case of Spiegel Online the ad defines a new background color and the top and right side beneath the content get´s special elements (mostly response elements). The bad thing is, that if there are big Flash Layers, or whatever code, which was not programmed in a clean way, the whole site gets slow – very slow. Today there is a homepage exclusive on Spiegel which is so bad coded (Flash with response element) that the site is nearly not viewable anymore – i´d appreciate that spiegel technicans should watch the quality of the ads they are running on the site – first comes content, then comes ads. (in case of Flash we may help you 🙂 )

Baidu IPO: Who cares?

Now it´s nearly a year ago, when Google went public – it was THE event of 2004. Last week had its IPO – Baidu is the chinese counterpart of Google – and the blogosphere didn´t care (Technorati: „baidu ipo„=366, „google ipo„=3745). Last year everyone was talking about google – maybe because it was the first big IPO of a technology company since the millenium, but still: baidu went up appr. 350% on the first day. That´s astonishing. Why don´t we care? Is it because of the language? It can´t be because it´s not interesting – the potential market is 1 bill. people and raising. We somehow don´t really know what is happening there- it´s off our focus. BTW. does anyone know what is the biggest search engine in india?