Google to buy Meetro

Have you heard of Meetro? It´s a location based service: download your windows plugin and write in wherever you are – you´ll soon see, who is also on Meetro in your nearby. Well, Google wants to buy it (as searchengine lowdown reports) and wants to monetize it: but how? Garret supposes Google to integrate it with it´s map services in order to make money – but hey Google: ever heard of Plazes? They already have integrated GM into it and: they are running on OSX, Windows, *nix, Linux.

So why is Google on a buying trip? Aren´t they going too diversified? Now that yahoo claims to have a bigger index, shouldn´t they concentrate on their competences?

No: Google has such a big market saturation, that they have to grow – they have to get diversified in order to be on a technological edge. They just should care who they buy – and have a careful look – maybe plazes would have been a better decision to buy 🙂

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