Intel and HP building new internet

It looks as there is a consortium of HP and Intel being the leading voices, which are trying to fit the upcoming needs of a new internet-generation. tries to put a layer onto the existing tcp/ip protocol, which intelligentely decides where are traffic-bottlenecks, and reroutes the packets. It even should be able to prevent viruses from growing. (In short from the article of

How to be successful in China (or not just in china?)

The has a good post about Zong Qinghou, Chairman of the succesful private company Wahaha in Hangzhou (which is especially interesting, because we´re building up a company in Hangzhou at the moment, too ;-). Zong takes Mao Zedong as an example on how to be an entrepreneur in China. The most interesting part for me was his philosophy to do business like jogging: small steps, very fast. Be the first to do a thing! – and it comes to me, that I´ve seen this philosophy proven several times: look at companies which survived the economy bubble – most of them were just the first in their business, and therefore had a big advantage with their users. So, certainly we are not the very first design-agency on the chinese market, but maybe for certain customer-groups, like small- or medium sized companies, we are.

„Vernetzt – Johnny Mnemonic“

imstWell, I saw this film yesterday (Trailer, Plotsummary)and was totally fascinated: Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data-courier in the future. He wears a special chip in his head (taking 160 GB *wow* this is from 1995;-) )with some secret information. But the most interesting parts are these when he connects to the „global-net“. He has to put on „cyber-3d-glasses“ as an interface, and „data-gloves“ to navigate. And this is so cool – I wonder, why there doesn´t exist something like that in reality (as far as I know): He has a virtual cyberspace whith virtual keyboards – when he has to insert a secret code somewhere, this is not a cryptic string of letters and numbers, but a kind of pyramid-puzzle. Everything is visualized: For a phone-call to Beijing he gets a virtual map, points on Asia, China, Beijing, and the hotel he wants to phone to. What I mean is, that through visualization most things are easier to remember or to handle. When you´ve got the opportunity try to watch it, do it, and please tell me the ending (I was fell asleep, but that was because of a hard week and not because of a bad movie 😉

Videoblogging – it´s the future

Russel has his new 6630 and expects video- and audiostreamings as the coming „rockin“ applications. The Nokia is able to stream them very fast via it´s EDGE technology. I was talking to Oli this week, and we were discussing the future of videoblogging, having some cool ideas on how to realize it. The biggest problem we see are the costs of these services: Why should people post videos from their mobiles, when it costs about 1 EUR for 10 seconds of video (GPRS, >T-D1, Germany). I think, we´ll go deeper into it in the future, but it is just interesting to see, that Russel sees the furture in this, too. (Especially when you read his foresights from last year and which effects it had.
UPDATE: Russ just commented, that he has a 6620, and not a 6630 which will be 3G, when I´m right?! Sorry, Russ 😉