Videoblogging – it´s the future

Russel has his new 6630 and expects video- and audiostreamings as the coming „rockin“ applications. The Nokia is able to stream them very fast via it´s EDGE technology. I was talking to Oli this week, and we were discussing the future of videoblogging, having some cool ideas on how to realize it. The biggest problem we see are the costs of these services: Why should people post videos from their mobiles, when it costs about 1 EUR for 10 seconds of video (GPRS, >T-D1, Germany). I think, we´ll go deeper into it in the future, but it is just interesting to see, that Russel sees the furture in this, too. (Especially when you read his foresights from last year and which effects it had.
UPDATE: Russ just commented, that he has a 6620, and not a 6630 which will be 3G, when I´m right?! Sorry, Russ 😉

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