„Vernetzt – Johnny Mnemonic“

imstWell, I saw this film yesterday (Trailer, Plotsummary)and was totally fascinated: Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data-courier in the future. He wears a special chip in his head (taking 160 GB *wow* this is from 1995;-) )with some secret information. But the most interesting parts are these when he connects to the „global-net“. He has to put on „cyber-3d-glasses“ as an interface, and „data-gloves“ to navigate. And this is so cool – I wonder, why there doesn´t exist something like that in reality (as far as I know): He has a virtual cyberspace whith virtual keyboards – when he has to insert a secret code somewhere, this is not a cryptic string of letters and numbers, but a kind of pyramid-puzzle. Everything is visualized: For a phone-call to Beijing he gets a virtual map, points on Asia, China, Beijing, and the hotel he wants to phone to. What I mean is, that through visualization most things are easier to remember or to handle. When you´ve got the opportunity try to watch it, do it, and please tell me the ending (I was fell asleep, but that was because of a hard week and not because of a bad movie 😉

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