efficient online marketing: golf and viagra

Just having made my golfers-license here in germany, I´m interested in the golf sport in its whole, and so went on the website of the Ryder Cup. I know all about the prejudicies there are about golf, but though I have a wonderful sexual life, and I´m just twenty-five and a definitive-no-millionaire-or-son-of-rich-parents I like this sport: but how can Pfizer, the producer of Viagra be one of the main sponsors of the worlds most important golf match? Ugh, they don´t make it easy for us…;-) rider

food for your brain II: lach- und schiess

ensemble_oz4_gWe´ve been to the „Münchner Lach- und Schiess Gesellschaft“ (which is roughly in english: the munich laugh- and shooting society 😉 ) yesterday evening in Düsseldorf. The „Lach- und Schiess“ is political cabaret, and it´s one of the finest shows I´ve ever seen. The story is about „Jenseits von Oz“ (which english title I unfortunately don´t know), and its references to actual political problems. I´m not able to post a full review here, but it was so intelligentely made, that we were just astonished, and very thankful to get so many new input into our brain: Thanks especially to Sonja which is part of the ensemble (visit her site www.sonja-kling.de which we made last year) and is such a lovely, and dear friend of us. So if you are able to, just find a suitable location for you, get your tickets, and have a nice evening which will last a long time in your head…;-)

food for your brain: arte

arteWell, I´ve to say that the television-landscape in germany ist just a big katastrophy – it´s not the commercials which take longer than some films you want to watch, but it´s the qualitiy of the program itself. „Cheapy-creepy“ talkshows, so many people are just talking shit – sometimes I think they should just shut their mouth – piss off! No one wants to hear what you are saying. Whooo: you think what is wrong with you, Ingmar? It makes me angry:I see the problem in the fact that people are watching TV – I mean it´s ok, as long as they watch things which are a little-little bit intellectual, and are for their information. But TV seems to dry out the brains of our country, 1984 comes true, people are just watching clueless onto their screens, waiting for being said what they should do. In this context the german/french TV station arte is a bit of heaven in this hell: They have a real interesting program. For example: „mit offenen Karten“ („with open cards in english“, „le dessous des cartes“ en francais). This show tries to analyze political, cultural and economical circumstances by using geography. What consquences did 9/11 have? Who needs a warfare in afghanistan? Why is Kioto so important for our future? Very fascinating. I´ve just seen the preview and was blown away: I will definitely watch it on the next wednesday at 22.30. Here you can find all technical details for how to get arte. By the way, the design of their website is extraordinary good – and it fits perfectly to the TV screendesign. Thank you, arte…


ebay_1So ebay gets a new design though I´ve to say, that it´s not a real redesign: it´s useful additions, like personalized windows and helpful links. I think they are going into a right direction – but they have to take further steps: ebay is not suitable for any kind of disabled person, and it´s quite complicated. The design has to support the usability which is not an easy job, because ebay is just quite complicated because of all these different structures and interfaces for sellers, buyers, statistics….should we help you out? 😉