How to be successful in China (or not just in china?)

The chinaherald.net has a good post about Zong Qinghou, Chairman of the succesful private company Wahaha in Hangzhou (which is especially interesting, because we´re building up a company in Hangzhou at the moment, too ;-). Zong takes Mao Zedong as an example on how to be an entrepreneur in China. The most interesting part for me was his philosophy to do business like jogging: small steps, very fast. Be the first to do a thing! – and it comes to me, that I´ve seen this philosophy proven several times: look at companies which survived the economy bubble – most of them were just the first in their business, and therefore had a big advantage with their users. So, certainly we are not the very first design-agency on the chinese market, but maybe for certain customer-groups, like small- or medium sized companies, we are.

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