Should we use Generative AI like ChatGPT in Journalism, schools or communication?

As it comes out, CNET has been using Generative or Assistive AI for month to create articles or better said, to „assist their authors“ in writing articles.

Together with the recent announcement of Microsoft integration ChatGPT into their suits (namely Outlook etc.) we will step into an age of text not only being created by humans exclusively anymore. 

In my opinion we will still find differences and nuances in solely AI generated texts and human generated text – but the assistive function of AI will have an impact on the style and especially length of texts, as long format will become vogue again due to a higher writing efficiency of AI Assistants. 

When using Microsoft Githubs Copilot, my writing of code also increased, and I can imagine a similar effect when writing ChatGPT powered texts in e.g. Word. We already have that since years in the Google Search suggestion box, and we all love it, albeit this will expand to whole text blocks.

Generative AI as an Assistant to enhance writing productivity – it compares to me like the calculator in school: I can calculate in my mind, but the calculator does it better and faster. Nonetheless I still need to figure out, what should be calculated.

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