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Does it make sense to have both a private and a computer for work?

I am in front of my computer most of the day. I am using a Macbook Pro with Studio Display, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. My Software setup is as follows:

  1. I am using Apple Mail since ages – its fast and I really love the search function
  2. I recently switched to Visual Studio for coding due to the discontinuity of Atom
  3. Google Workspace for most Office related stuff
  4. Excel for calculating things
  5. I am fully in Safari, embracing the deep integration of KeyChain
  6. Apple Calendar and Reminder for ToDo stuff
  7. SmartGit for the Versioning
  8. Jira and Freshdesk for Ticketing
  9. Mastonaut for Posting on Mastodon
  10. Whatsapp Desktop Client
  11. and Slack for keeping it al together

    Thing is – when I want to switch to „private“ mode and use the computer e.g. to make music with Logic Pro or Edit my Photos in Lightroom, there’s always the feeling of „work is too close“. I know I can have mulitple users on the machine, but it „feels“ work.

    Therefore I am thinking of adding a private machine, so that I can put the Macbook aside on weekends or holidays and „enjoy“ private computer time on… a mac mini? How is your setup? Do you have a separate machine for work and private stuff?

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