Hardcopy backup: do you trust your Dropbox?

As the buzzword „cloud“ nowadays is in everybody’s mouth, and google shutting down its Reeder (take that „cloud services closed, sold, shut down whysoever, unexpectedly“) I was thinking of all my digital stuff, and how to backup it.
Currently I have a nice server setup in my cellar, and all MacBooks and computers send time machine backups to them-which is ok.
Now, not everybody wants to maintain is own server setup, and having data only in your cloud seems not suitable for everybody as well.
So I thought of a kind of automatically backup service, which sends you DVD (make this USB sticks, SD cards or what ever).
– you give the service your Dropbox („cloud“) account
– all files are synced (one way) over there, encrypted and compressed
– they burn everything on DVD and keep an online index database which files are on which DVD
-they send you the DVD via snail mail
– if you need a file, you can find it in the online database and they tell you which version is on which DVD

I’d pay min 50 EUR/month for my 100gb backuped in that way-now: please build it!