Wealthfront: Managing your assets as a service


I just came along wealthfront, which is a US asset management company – with the twist that they seem to cut out any middlemen and just take a very low mgmt. fee (0.25% of assets above 10k$).

What I find intriguing about the service is the easy of use: there are standard investment-plans you can follow, or you can answer some questions in order to find out your personal risk level you want to take with your investments – overall, the design and interface seems to be very slick and intuitive.

Besides from some nice features („automatic tax harvester“ -> balances out gains and losses to minimize tax) its the kind of service I was looking for a long time – I find a „Tagesgeldkonto“ rather boring, and gains of assets are mostly eaten up by the mgmt. fee.

Sadly, wealthfront is not available in germany yet (Only U.S. legal residents) – and because of harsh regularities in Germany, I think, it’ll take some time seeing competitors over here.

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