First project based on plone/zope: RMV Erlebniscard

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Togehter with our friends over at clicktivities we have just launched the new site for the RVM: erlebniscard.de . „Erlebniscard“ is a kind of customer loyal program for Rhein Main Verkehrsverbund GmbH which is a big company in the transport sector in Frankfurt, germany. The whole site is based on plone – which was our first project based on this CMS and I have to say, after quite a hussle in the beginning it worked out as a very good CMS, we now gained very deep knowledge in and will offer it other customers as well. Plone is mainly based on the application server zope and python, and is a very powerful and flexible „framework“, though the learning curve is stall in the beginning. We managed to connect background systems and doing a lot of business logic stuff in connection with existing ebusiness structures. Thanks to all participating teams for doing great work during the last weeks.

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