Why I like TV under public law

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Last saturday night I somehow could not sleep so I watched TV: boxing on ARD, which is the first program in germany. Castillejo (Spain) vs. Sylvester (Vorpommern, Germany). Castillejo (called „The Fox“) 40 y old with lots of KO on his winners-list vs the young german guy who knocked Castillejo K.O. in the 12th round – and boy: Castillejo really didn’t look that good afterwards. It took him appr. 5 min to get back to his feet again. What I found truely remarkable is that the cameras of the TV went away from him: they didn’t show ONE SCENE of him laying on the floor – the reporter told us, he looked like mess, but they didn’t show. And I liked that – I liked the way the editors let him his intimacy in this moment of defeat. I am not sure, if a privately held station would have acted like that. Is moral a question of money? Is courtesy a question of Adimpressions?

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