Couch potatoe

This evening my second beloved football club (just behind Arminia Bielefeld, 1. FC Cologne) played against Borussia Mönchengladbach, which is a traditional derby. I haven’t got a TV since 2 years anymore, but my notebook with a DVB-T card, which is fine for all the channels I’m normally watching, Unfortunately the game tonight was on a channel I can’t get via the antenna – instead of going to the pub next door I gave zatoo a chance – and was quite impressed. I met their CEO about 3/4 year ago, and they now have all major channels on their program in germany. the quality is quite good – I loved not to have a complicated registration process and sound quality was very good. I noticed, that my upload capacity was quite small -which leads me to the opinion, that they use a mixed p2p and client-server architecture behind their system, with a bigger part for client-server. Being on the couch I had my blackberry in my hand, writing mails with Thomas in the editorial office, had my ipod touch in touch for twittering with friends in the stadium – and guess what – it was great. It was a much cooler experience than watching the game on the couch just together with my potatoe-chips – I love the idea of watching TV interactively with friends. It’s much more about the experience than about the content (they played 1:1, but it was a really exciting game). I’m so happy that we at motionet are able to take part in a small part with our technology emundoo – we’ll soon start our browser based p2p streaming service i alpha mode – and it’ll be great. We won’t have these interactive parts from the beginning, but we’ll bring you an excellent user-experience in picture- and soundquality and ease of use.

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