emundoo: our p2p video-streaming system

For over a year our team has developed emundoo, and we are now in "geek mode" which means, we are running a closed alpha to find all the bugs and cracks we need to fix to offer emundoo to the public asap.

What is emundoo


emundoo is a Content Distribution System targeted at Video on Demand
services. It uses advanced Peer-2-Peer networking technology to
distribute the load on the network to all participating machines. The
system is still in development. Currently it provides the basic
functionality required to deliver video content to users. emundoo is
video format agnostic, so that nearly all video formats developed until
today can be transported by the system. It is built around open
standards to ensure interoperability with third party software.


How does it work


its current implementation emundoo in essence provides you with a local
streaming server that will fetch the data you request on demand from
the emundoo network. The emundoo network is comprised of personal
computers around the globe running the emundoo client software. Each
time a video is requested by a user, the video data is transferred as
needed to the user’s local machine, where a portion of the data is
stored for later redistribution to other participating machines.

If yoou want to participate in emundoo and give it a first glance, please drop me an email at ingmar at motionet.de and I’ll send you an invitation…



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