Kasparow to be deviled by Putin?

180Px-Garry Kasparov

Chess Master Garri Kasparow seems to be deviled by russian government – as the Frankfurter Rundschau reports, Garri went into politics since march 2005 – he stands for a more democratic and Putin-critic way. He is being prevented from free speech and free traveling (get´s no flights, hotels don´t want him to stay). What is going in on in russia? How could things happen as the condemnation of Mr. Chodorkowski – is this the way russia wants to go? It all reminds me of russia during the cold war, when information was censored (remember the official news agency ITA-Tass). I´m following this development with a kind of fear – what will russia´s role be in the future – between china, usa and europe (and maybe india). Does russian government think outer strength is being reached with inner suppression?

With a touch of porn…

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Do you know American Apparel? They are making clothes and have departments round the world. I´ve seen one in Düsseldorf and the clothes they have seem to be of a good quality. I´ve been to their website and nearly fell off my chair: their photoshootings with young girls and boys are bit too pornographic for my gusto. We all know erotic advertisements of H&M or so, but the teens of American Apparel are too young and their positions are a bit too „concrete“. Of course, I saw more at SwallowSalon, but still it seems to be too much. What do you think? Is it acceptable? Am I too conservative? I simply can´t get the message here: buy our clothes and people will think you are a bitch?

Dirty Oskar

 News Graphics 2005 05 26 Wgerm26

There is a german politician called „Oskar Lafontaine„, and he has just founded a new party called WASG. WASG is situated „left“ of the SPD which is the Social democratic Party of germany. His intention is to support the normal men, especially the working class, and that is why experts expect up to 10% of the votes for the WASG with the upcoming new elections. Oskar has been writing a column for the german BILD magazine, and got 5000 € for it per month. Since he founded the new party he isn´t writing for BILD anymore but still get´s the money – this is a scandal in my opinion. What arsehole do you have to be to write on your flag „I will support poor people“ and get money for nothing?! Sorry, I can´t understand and can´t support such dirty behavior. Shame on you, Oskar!

Live8 – charity or commerce?

Live8-1Have you watched Live8 yesterday? The biggest concert ever? 10 concerts in 8 countries all over the world? If you didn´t you were one of the 2 billion who didn´t – figures say that appr. 3 billion people watched the festival organized by Bob Geldorf. 3 billion different people, 3 billion different opinions about the neccesity and the sense of this event. Live8 wanted to show the leaders of the G8 states (USA, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Canada) that the world wants them to carefully think about debt release for the poor african states, and to decide a 0,7 % state-rate for humanity help for africa. This is, beside all the voices against, a good thing. But it doesn´t have to stand for itself. With the end of the concert yesterday night, the view of the people on the poverty of africa doesn´t have to end either. The world watches the G8 – men („8 men in one room who can change the world“) in Edinburgh on July 6th, but we should watch african criminal governments, too. Uganda e.g., which only economical power is from the war against Kongo and the robbery of Kongo´s treasuries, should be freed. Blow away the criminal murders, which missuse our money we want to give to the poor people. Live8 is a good thing – you have to raise a voice and mobilise the people, when you want to move something. Music has the power to do so.