Kasparow to be deviled by Putin?

180Px-Garry Kasparov

Chess Master Garri Kasparow seems to be deviled by russian government – as the Frankfurter Rundschau reports, Garri went into politics since march 2005 – he stands for a more democratic and Putin-critic way. He is being prevented from free speech and free traveling (get´s no flights, hotels don´t want him to stay). What is going in on in russia? How could things happen as the condemnation of Mr. Chodorkowski – is this the way russia wants to go? It all reminds me of russia during the cold war, when information was censored (remember the official news agency ITA-Tass). I´m following this development with a kind of fear – what will russia´s role be in the future – between china, usa and europe (and maybe india). Does russian government think outer strength is being reached with inner suppression?

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