Dirty Oskar

 News Graphics 2005 05 26 Wgerm26

There is a german politician called „Oskar Lafontaine„, and he has just founded a new party called WASG. WASG is situated „left“ of the SPD which is the Social democratic Party of germany. His intention is to support the normal men, especially the working class, and that is why experts expect up to 10% of the votes for the WASG with the upcoming new elections. Oskar has been writing a column for the german BILD magazine, and got 5000 € for it per month. Since he founded the new party he isn´t writing for BILD anymore but still get´s the money – this is a scandal in my opinion. What arsehole do you have to be to write on your flag „I will support poor people“ and get money for nothing?! Sorry, I can´t understand and can´t support such dirty behavior. Shame on you, Oskar!

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