Beg on me: my next investition investment (thx Boss for the correction 🙂 )will be a climate-thing for our office. Because of the heat of the last weeks first my beloved ibook´s HD died – thankfully just one day after I upgraded to iSync 2 and now have all my private-contacts on my 6630. No problem with the ibook, because I´ve got a „rescue – PC“ – and since I´ve organised our office structure in a strict „outsource-as-much-as-can-way“ there´s any problem of switching. Got an webmail account for mails, an online crm-system for the contacs and basecamp as projectserver. But now my rescue PC has died, too – the HD sounds terrible: so I got on to amazon and bought a new one. It came today and is now being installed. `Cause it will take the whole day to build it up from scratch and I´ve a lot of work to do, and all the workstations are used, I took out my good ol´ G4 from 1999. 450 MHz, 1,2 GB of RAM and OSX is just running fine. Installed Skype and received all my mail, now there just some system-updates left and I´m up online again (oh, this post is from the G4). Web-based Apps are rockin´!

Open Company Vol III

I´ve thought a lot about it in the last year but never executed: creating an open company. Now I´ve found the and I wonder if they will be able to do it. From the „about“:

The Business Experiment is a site meant to explore three concepts: wisdom of crowds, open-source business, and the distributed nature of work. The goal is to have the registered users of this site collectively start and run a real business. Business plans will be written. Financing will be sought (if needed). Employees will be hired. Systems of accountability will be put into place.

All major strategic decisions will be voted on by the registered users, and must be implemented by the employees. This will test to see if „the crowd“ is really wise or not. Who do we hire? The crowd will vote on the candidates. What is our marketing strategy? Vote on it. How do we price our product or service? Vote again. It could be cool, or it could be foolish. But either way, it’s definitely different.

As I´ve stated out in the past I really see some problems in it, mostly about getting organized „a-lot-of-people“ and keeping business informations secure. In case jobs go wrong: who is accountable?

Netgear Overheating Crap Shit



Sorry being so rude, but the temperatures at the moment are killing netgear routers. It´s about 30 degrees in the office (no we haven´t got a swimmingpool – an no, there are no moyitos on our desk) and our Netgear WGT 634u is turning off, going on, turning off, going on….since we put the vent in front of it it works – but a friend of mine has the same problems with his WGT 624, too. On the package it says it´s working up too 40 degrees: liars!

Entrepreneurs will win or fail…

Sometimes things don´t work as out as expected – especially when you are doing your job on your own and are dependent on other peoples expertise. This means you fail from time to time – your product will not be bought, your prices don´t fit your customer´s expectations and you simply don´t reach your market. Give up? Maybe, but try again, and again, and again. If you´ve got the right passion for doing the job on your own you will be able to say as an old, rich man: „I did it my way…

Worlds are melting


Just read about (via Rubel) and I´m really astounded: shows more than 200 newspapers round the world with their daily issue in real – I think they either are somehow scanning it or get raw data from the producers – however: it´s a fantastic system and one nearly get´s the impression to read in a real newspaper. I got a same feeling some weeks ago when I first tested google earth – reality and digital worlds are melting – watch your monitor and you watch the world. So, when will there be the other way round? Will there be newspapers with integrated RFID providing additional digital information?