Adobe takes Macromedia: A winwin-situation?

As today announced, Adobe took over Macromedia for about 3,4 bil.$. I`m not quite sure if this is a good step. There are pro´s and con´s I´d like to lay out: Pro´s: There could be a better integration between the two dominating webapplications PDF and Flash. I´m seeing a big potential there for on- and offline applications. Flash and PDF are both vector based, and there could be a seemingless co-working in apps like on- and offline-publishing. Imagine actionscript be able to generate PDF´s dynamically. use Indesign to layout your magazine, put it online in Flash-format, integrate online applications like „polls“, and on the other hand send your PDF to the press. Con´s: it was never good when big rivals made a fusion – and Adobe and Macromedia have competing products like Illustrator and Freehand. Ironically the integration-processes and the colour-management of Photoshop and freehand mostly worked better than Photoshop and Illustrator. Lot´s to learn there for the Adobe guys. But a questionable future I see for Flash. Adobe has it´s fomat svg, which is open standard based, but less, less powerful than flash. Adobe would be clever not to try to push svg instead of flash, but push flash-technology especially in the mobile sector. Macromedia has just made huge efforts to license its mobile Flash Lite to several manufactors, carriers, etc… So, I`m curios about Macromedias future


Pricing strategies for Small Businesses

Found an article on about pricing strategies for small companies. One big point I want to lay out:

Yes, business is slow for many entrepreneurs right now; however, be cautious with your pricing methods. Don’t simply slash prices; instead incorporate long-term and short-term strategies that are always complementary to each other. If you offer a product for $15 today, then again at $35 six months from now, you must have your reasons in place, otherwise you’ll aggravate your customers.


It´s really important even in such hard times at the moment, not to mess with your prices. Keep them up! For the Servicesector it´s just too easy to say, „hey, I´ll build your homepage for 100 EUR“. One has to offer more: passion, strategie and the long term view. That is the only possibility to keep your customers, and build sustainable growth.

Entrepreneurial Deathtraps

A very nice read of about the 25 mousetraps of entrepreneurs:

9. Lack of focus

new venture’s most precious resource is talent. Doing one thing well
from scratch is an enormous challenge. Tackling three or four at once
is inviting across-the-board mediocrity or worse.

sort through your opportunities before you start. Focus on the
marketplace and the competitive environment. Then pursue the daylights
out of the best of them.

And yes, some of the points are so right 😉

mtv overdrive in BETA

As PSFK reports, MTV-Overdrive is in BETA. It looks like MTV is going to play the music-clips online. All you need is the Internet-explorer and a special plugin called Overdrive Video Optimizer….mmmh, and what about Mac OS and Firefox? Currently no support because the service uses the MS Mediaplayer 9 Codec for DRM which is neither supported by Mac nor Firefox. Hence MTV uses third party content (mostly delivered through labels like Universal,…) I wonder who built this application for them. Does anyone know?