Adobe takes Macromedia: A winwin-situation?

As today announced, Adobe took over Macromedia for about 3,4 bil.$. I`m not quite sure if this is a good step. There are pro´s and con´s I´d like to lay out: Pro´s: There could be a better integration between the two dominating webapplications PDF and Flash. I´m seeing a big potential there for on- and offline applications. Flash and PDF are both vector based, and there could be a seemingless co-working in apps like on- and offline-publishing. Imagine actionscript be able to generate PDF´s dynamically. use Indesign to layout your magazine, put it online in Flash-format, integrate online applications like „polls“, and on the other hand send your PDF to the press. Con´s: it was never good when big rivals made a fusion – and Adobe and Macromedia have competing products like Illustrator and Freehand. Ironically the integration-processes and the colour-management of Photoshop and freehand mostly worked better than Photoshop and Illustrator. Lot´s to learn there for the Adobe guys. But a questionable future I see for Flash. Adobe has it´s fomat svg, which is open standard based, but less, less powerful than flash. Adobe would be clever not to try to push svg instead of flash, but push flash-technology especially in the mobile sector. Macromedia has just made huge efforts to license its mobile Flash Lite to several manufactors, carriers, etc… So, I`m curios about Macromedias future


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