Making money with blogs?!

People quite often discuss how to make money with blogs, and how a business model could look like. I personally don´t think it is in positioning banners on your weblog or insert ads into the RSS feeds. I assume there could be something different: It´s a rule of the „old-media“ that all that counts is „coverage“. TV has a big coverage, that´s why ads on TV are that expensive. Big internet portals have a big coverage, and so adspace is quite expensive there, too. So if your blog has a wide coverage for special keywords than it get´s a value. Maybe this value can be turned into money when companies want to place information there, reviews of products or what else. Now this has to be done in a special way: just putting stupid information onto your blog will kill the interest of the users. So the quality of information has to be very high, and maybe rewritten by yourself, because it has to get your personal note. It´s quite high risk: interest in a blog is hard work and can go away that fast – the blogosphere is merciless.


google satellite kicks ass

I´m really deeply impressed: when you search on one now can watch either the „normal“ map or the satellite view. and this is so, so cool: I´ve got the feeling, as if web and real world are beginning to merge somehow. The performance is very very well: you can take the picture and drag it around ans you like. Unfortunately it´s just a BETA and only available in the US at the moment. So the integration of keyhole (acquired by google in Oct. 2004) seems to be succesfully finished. (via

By the way: there´s another service called and it offers different countries and satellites, too. I´ve found my hometown cologne there, offering a 1 Meter resolution – rocks too!!!


Candy Spam?

Marks asks himself why there´s no „candy-spam“:

For example, if you make more money selling candy than imaginary drugs, you’d expect in time to get more candy spam and fewer fake drug ads.Why don’t we have spam for hit music? Everyone likes music. Why don’t we have spam for cleaning products? Everyone has dirty dishes.

I personally don´t think that „spam“ itself could be better or worse (it´s a negotiation in itself) but it would be interesting to compare the conversion rates 😉


New Amazon Partnernet?

I just wanted to update my book links on the left side, went to the partnernet-section at Amazon, and was confused: where is the link-generator for simple books. At the moment they are just offering Amazon branded links. But I want a simple picture of the title and a link in the backend. Of course I could build it on my own, but… does anyone know what happened?