Pricing strategies for Small Businesses

Found an article on webpronews.com about pricing strategies for small companies. One big point I want to lay out:

Yes, business is slow for many entrepreneurs right now; however, be cautious with your pricing methods. Don’t simply slash prices; instead incorporate long-term and short-term strategies that are always complementary to each other. If you offer a product for $15 today, then again at $35 six months from now, you must have your reasons in place, otherwise you’ll aggravate your customers.


It´s really important even in such hard times at the moment, not to mess with your prices. Keep them up! For the Servicesector it´s just too easy to say, „hey, I´ll build your homepage for 100 EUR“. One has to offer more: passion, strategie and the long term view. That is the only possibility to keep your customers, and build sustainable growth.

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