Creativity of cooking: Jamie Oliver


One of my favourite things I like to do in my sparetime is: cooking. Trying a lot of different receips, mostly crumbling out of my mind after looking into the fridge and finding some things, I like the receips of jamie Oliver very much. Jamie is a quite young english cook, and he is doing a „rock´n´roll cooking business“. When you´ve watched his TV show (I think it´s on RTL 2 , saturday morning in (germanTV)) you know what I mean: no need for white clothes and tablecloth, he´s just having fun in buying the things you need, and cook them. Now I´ve found his Webpage, and guess what? He´s blogging and moblogging – hell, that´s cool. Additionally you´ll find dozens of fine receips there – all worth a try. This is how I like it: doing a classical business is a passionate „rock´n´roll“ way – WOW!

This is getting serious

Just got the entry from Russel, „Nokia Licenses Macromedia Flash“ – yes! Here we go – In my opinion Flash will be a small revolution in the mobile world because of 3 things.

1. Making Flash applications for Mobiles is still pretty much easier than writing python apps, so there will be much more apps available

2. Flash can generate good designed apps with dynamical capabilities

3. Flash is able to stream mobile content – so here we go against 3gp, which is no real streaming but a kind of downloading an then view your content.

I just came back from Berlin, meeting with some guys – among them a salesman from Nokia presenting the brand new 7710 – it has a very new flash-player build in – somebody said it was based on Flash 6, and not like the normal Flash Lite, which is based on the old Flash 4.

First review of my Nokia 6630


145594dataWell, I just got my brandnew Nokia 6630, which is 3G enabled and comes with a 1,3 mpx camera. This one is just fabulous: the pictures are of a quaility I´ve never had expected – from now on you can "really use it"! My former mobile was a Nokia 6600, so the series 60 OS is quite familiar to me – the use and and the menus are just very logical, and of a clear design. The keys have a nice "pressure" and are of a size, that even my fingers can handle them with ease. It has a built in mp3 player, and the 64 MB mini SD Card is hotswappable – the sound of the mp3, I just loaded up from my ibook, is very good. But let us come to the negative points – the 6630 is not yet syncable with iSync. Many forums I´ve visited on the Nokia and Apple community say it will be syncable in a few weeks with an update from apple – so let´s hope so, because syncing is the most important thing to me. The 6630 is very elegant, and has a stable alustyle-case. Surfing 3G just rocks!!! I am looking forward to t-mobiles UMTS flat rate – i betcha it comes within 2005. All in all it´s a solid, high end and well designed Handy – I love it, though it´s just since 1 hour in my life. The price of 149 Euros (upgrading my t-mobile account for 24 month) is good invested money. You even can connect to an external keyboard which nokia offers – with it the Quickword should be usable with ease…;-)