This is getting serious

Just got the entry from Russel, „Nokia Licenses Macromedia Flash“ – yes! Here we go – In my opinion Flash will be a small revolution in the mobile world because of 3 things.

1. Making Flash applications for Mobiles is still pretty much easier than writing python apps, so there will be much more apps available

2. Flash can generate good designed apps with dynamical capabilities

3. Flash is able to stream mobile content – so here we go against 3gp, which is no real streaming but a kind of downloading an then view your content.

I just came back from Berlin, meeting with some guys – among them a salesman from Nokia presenting the brand new 7710 – it has a very new flash-player build in – somebody said it was based on Flash 6, and not like the normal Flash Lite, which is based on the old Flash 4.

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