Creativity of cooking: Jamie Oliver


One of my favourite things I like to do in my sparetime is: cooking. Trying a lot of different receips, mostly crumbling out of my mind after looking into the fridge and finding some things, I like the receips of jamie Oliver very much. Jamie is a quite young english cook, and he is doing a „rock´n´roll cooking business“. When you´ve watched his TV show (I think it´s on RTL 2 , saturday morning in (germanTV)) you know what I mean: no need for white clothes and tablecloth, he´s just having fun in buying the things you need, and cook them. Now I´ve found his Webpage, and guess what? He´s blogging and moblogging – hell, that´s cool. Additionally you´ll find dozens of fine receips there – all worth a try. This is how I like it: doing a classical business is a passionate „rock´n´roll“ way – WOW!

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