First review of my Nokia 6630


145594dataWell, I just got my brandnew Nokia 6630, which is 3G enabled and comes with a 1,3 mpx camera. This one is just fabulous: the pictures are of a quaility I´ve never had expected – from now on you can "really use it"! My former mobile was a Nokia 6600, so the series 60 OS is quite familiar to me – the use and and the menus are just very logical, and of a clear design. The keys have a nice "pressure" and are of a size, that even my fingers can handle them with ease. It has a built in mp3 player, and the 64 MB mini SD Card is hotswappable – the sound of the mp3, I just loaded up from my ibook, is very good. But let us come to the negative points – the 6630 is not yet syncable with iSync. Many forums I´ve visited on the Nokia and Apple community say it will be syncable in a few weeks with an update from apple – so let´s hope so, because syncing is the most important thing to me. The 6630 is very elegant, and has a stable alustyle-case. Surfing 3G just rocks!!! I am looking forward to t-mobiles UMTS flat rate – i betcha it comes within 2005. All in all it´s a solid, high end and well designed Handy – I love it, though it´s just since 1 hour in my life. The price of 149 Euros (upgrading my t-mobile account for 24 month) is good invested money. You even can connect to an external keyboard which nokia offers – with it the Quickword should be usable with ease…;-)

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