McDonalds – change the golden arches to a question mark

Well, the guardian reports that McDonalds wants to change its so well known symbol – and I think they are right. McDonalds needs a new beginning – at least in all first world countries. Many people are just set up of the bead food, and revenues in the UK fell within 70% last year. So what to do? The guardian says, they will change to a golden questionmark, and will use pictures of fruits and veggies in their commercials, combines with the slogan: „McDonalds-but not as you know it.“ They have to change – and they have the abillities to do so…

Google is improving its search capabilities

Everyone who has thought google might be a flash in time, and their days were counted, seem to be wrong. They have announced two steps into a new direction in two days: sms services and book-services – now they showed on web2.0 how search clustering is being developed in their labs – this is fantastic, because it shows, that google isn´t going to go for new business to develop, but to develop new businesses AND improving their main business which is just „SEARCH“. As I mentioned some days ago, I like clusty very much (clusty uses word-clustering techniques, too), but google will be able to better.

China is world leader in DSL

 40126032 China Tech203ApIt seems as if china will become world leadership in DSL-connections. This is because of the dense population in the big cities, where it is quite cheap to deliver the connections. Additionaly state authorities are forcing online education. Another big hit will be „video-on-demand“. (taken from bbc) This will be an interesting thing…;-)

This is a big day

for our company today: as you might have followed, we have worked on our project „motionet“ for the last 10 month. motionet is flash-based internet-streaming technology of a new generation: we are able to stream to every internet user with an installed flash-plugin, recognizing his connection speed automatically, and serving him the suitable version in the right size of the movie. Our streams are up to 200% bigger at the same file-size than other systems. Even streaming mobile flash content will be available soon. Further on we have developed motionet in an absolutely accessible way: even people with color-blindness or handicapped people with viewing problems, are able to control the player via shortcuts. We are on a test-drive on the „Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung (BMGS)“ – site, which is the german government department for social security and health. If you want to do us a favour you might visit the site, choose „Flash -> automatisch“,

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and vote for „flash-player“ in the survey at the bottom of the player


. Thanks everybody who made this work possible.