This is a big day

for our company today: as you might have followed, we have worked on our project „motionet“ for the last 10 month. motionet is flash-based internet-streaming technology of a new generation: we are able to stream to every internet user with an installed flash-plugin, recognizing his connection speed automatically, and serving him the suitable version in the right size of the movie. Our streams are up to 200% bigger at the same file-size than other systems. Even streaming mobile flash content will be available soon. Further on we have developed motionet in an absolutely accessible way: even people with color-blindness or handicapped people with viewing problems, are able to control the player via shortcuts. We are on a test-drive on the „Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung (BMGS)“ – site, which is the german government department for social security and health. If you want to do us a favour you might visit the site, choose „Flash -> automatisch“,

Chose 1

and vote for „flash-player“ in the survey at the bottom of the player


. Thanks everybody who made this work possible.

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