Faster (on) Safari

I´ve just tested camino , a new product of mozilla. And this browser is SUPERFAST!!! Even Flash movies are played much faster and with higher performance than Safari does. Just test it and tell me your opinion. Camino has replaced the safari-icon in my dock.

UPDATE: camino really is superfast – but downloading still makes some problems – but: it´s only BETA. They will do better, I`m sure. 😉 (For now SAFARI gets another chance in my dock)

Exploding internet TV

This is a very good read of Fred´s VC blog, and its all about Internet TV, or better the future of TV. Is it streaming? Is it PC-Based TV´s? It´s hot for me, because our product motionet just fits into the technology hole Fred is describing. From my point of view it definitely is streaming TV over IP, because you would be able to make new kinds of movies, interactive ones, where advertisement is a key factor right from the first idea for a new film, and you won´t have licensing problems – I mean you are (we are) able to encrypt the stream, so that it is hard to save and copy it for the normal user, which is a main problem in download-based movie concepts.

They are not going to Finland…

…just for SaunaLoic, Heiko and Joi are members of sixapart, the company behind typepad and movabletype. So when you watch Joi´s Moblog there you´ll find this picture:

20041015084849-Image(148)This is NOKIA. Mhh, combining: the most important members of typepad are going to Finland, making pictures of Nokia, which wants to get LIFEBLOG live…add this entry from Loic

and you might guess, that there might be something big in the near future…;-)

Webdesign for free…

Well, german buerocracy at it´s best: lawyers now said, that webdesign isn´t of that high value in a copyright way, that it is allowed to take a design of a website, change the logo, and use it for your company. Beside that this is a stupid idea for every company, I can´t understand the government to let such things happen: every work you do with your creativity, with your brain has to be protected in a certain way by law. At least everybody should be able to decide on his own what should happen with his work. Should it be licensed under creative-commons? Ok, why not.