food for your brain II: lach- und schiess

ensemble_oz4_gWe´ve been to the „Münchner Lach- und Schiess Gesellschaft“ (which is roughly in english: the munich laugh- and shooting society 😉 ) yesterday evening in Düsseldorf. The „Lach- und Schiess“ is political cabaret, and it´s one of the finest shows I´ve ever seen. The story is about „Jenseits von Oz“ (which english title I unfortunately don´t know), and its references to actual political problems. I´m not able to post a full review here, but it was so intelligentely made, that we were just astonished, and very thankful to get so many new input into our brain: Thanks especially to Sonja which is part of the ensemble (visit her site www.sonja-kling.de which we made last year) and is such a lovely, and dear friend of us. So if you are able to, just find a suitable location for you, get your tickets, and have a nice evening which will last a long time in your head…;-)

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