Difference between weblogs and message boards

This is a good post about the differences between weblogs and message-boards. And I have to admit – weblogs are good – forums are shit. (This might be a bit polemic, but it´s my view) We used a weblog to coordintae all our projects in our design-agency. We had to manage the informations for all our contractors and customers. During the time we had our weblog, people were motivated to post, giving in personal views and opinions. You were also informed about every new entry via RSS. For some reason we then tried to use a forum as a knowledge base – it didn´t work. Our contractors somehow weren´t motivitated a post a single post at all. Even we managed to put „a little bit“ RSS in it (using a bloglines e-mail feed)it wasn´t that handy as our former weblog. At the moment we are using a very good projectserver, which has ann RSS feed, and a weblog like-message board (basecamp-hq). This somehow is the perfect combination of the two worlds.

amazon buys chinese bookstore

fastcompany reports, that amazon has just bought the big chinese bookstore-chain joyo.com. I wonder if this is the easiest way for companies to settle on the chinese market. As you can read from several posts from the China Herald globalization and open markets are still a dream
in china. So, it would be interesting to follow if amazon.com will sell chinese-critical books over joyo.com, or if they will arrange with the chinese-censorship in some way.

We´ve done it: you.andme.net has just launched!

The project my company gojou.com has worked on the last months, was for the photographer S. Jagenburg from Berlin. His project „you.andme“ is one of a very special kind, and plays with the relationship of cars and their owners. The challenge was to combine total usabillity for the users and — the admin. That is why we created a fully dynamical-generated flash site. The admin is able to use a small CMS to manage his pictures and sets, to manage his navigation, to manage all kind of contents (and even use different text-styles, adding colour to them, etc.). Further on a special focus laid on the design: the requirement was to underline the expression of the pictures, and create a comfortable atmosphere. Turn on your speakers, relax, and get a part of the story of you.andme.net

Email vs. Letter

What are your experiences? In my opinion a classical letter still has a special experience for the recipient: He can feel the paper it is printed on, can see various typos, etc. Because of all the different email-and text-encoding systems you have to use a very simple textstyle in your emails. At the moment I have to do a lot of acquisition for my company, and I´m sending many emails to the different companies. I wonder if I would send a well designed letter to them, I would be more efficient. What do you think…