Difference between weblogs and message boards

This is a good post about the differences between weblogs and message-boards. And I have to admit – weblogs are good – forums are shit. (This might be a bit polemic, but it´s my view) We used a weblog to coordintae all our projects in our design-agency. We had to manage the informations for all our contractors and customers. During the time we had our weblog, people were motivated to post, giving in personal views and opinions. You were also informed about every new entry via RSS. For some reason we then tried to use a forum as a knowledge base – it didn´t work. Our contractors somehow weren´t motivitated a post a single post at all. Even we managed to put „a little bit“ RSS in it (using a bloglines e-mail feed)it wasn´t that handy as our former weblog. At the moment we are using a very good projectserver, which has ann RSS feed, and a weblog like-message board (basecamp-hq). This somehow is the perfect combination of the two worlds.

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