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It´s always the same: sometimes I think my brain is like a „swiss-cheese“. Speaking to many people on the phone, organizing things here and there, I just forget too many things, and it happens too often that I can´t remember things. You say: make todo lists, and guess what? I do. Using iCal and syncing it with my Nokia 6600 it´s getting better. I´m a little bit more organized. But do you remember all the facts from your last phone-conference? What was the price? How big? Hugh, all these crap details, which are so imortant. Now, I´m searching for a kind of CRM system, synchable with iCal for OSX, being able to organize details, making mindmaps out of my notices, using my adress.book for all the contacts, and so on. I´d likely have an online solution, such as FURL.COM which is perfect tool on your trips through the internet as rememberall. But I´ve found a different one: it´s called Tinderbox, and says from itself being „The Personal Content Management Assistant.“. I´ve read this post about it on clickz.com and it sounds really good: you can create mindmaps, keep track of new information, publish your stuff on a webserver, even a blogging-client seems to be integrated. Mmmh. All RSS based, so that you can syndicate all of your content. Friends, i´ve just downloaded the demo. If this small tool will keep all its promises, we should soonly buy stocks from their manufactor eastgate (if there were some 😉
UPDATE: Stocks? Here they are. 😉
UPDATE UPDATE: As Mark Bernstein, chief scientist of eastgate told me in an email, eastgate is fully privately held…So sorry, you can´t buy their stocks, yet. Btw: it´s even possible to post to typepad with this small piece of software. I´ve just played around with it for a very short time: I´ll tell you more about in the next days…;-)And yes, Oliver: Mark´s Site rocks…;-)

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