Capizzi – a nice italian-restaurant for having diner throughout the week

A new post in my favourite category: Eatn Drink. We´ve just been to „Capizzi“, a very nice and small italian restaurant in the „Agnes-Viertel“ in Cologne. You can sit in- or outside there, and with it´s sweet interior it has a very nice and familar atmosphere. Prices a very good: a pizza for 5-9 Eur, you´ll be served an antipasti from the house. They even have got my favourite „Kölsch: Reissdorf“. The waiter was very polite, and served a digestif (grappa) for free. Unfortunately you can´t pay with VISA oder Maestro, but it get´s 6 out of 10 stars on my skala, because it´s just the best choice for having an uncomplicated very, very delicous italian-meal throughout the week.
Kasparstraße 19
50670 Köln
0221/732 53 56

( you might use map24.de for finding the way.

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