Trend Spotting

This is a very interesting article on A list of the 25 most influencial trends on your business life. A very interesting point for me was „companies won´t sleep“, and yes, all this blogging trend, all this social-network trends, might lead to a new quality companies have to fullfill: Being the fastest one means to coorporate with companies around the world, trying to work 24/7.

Google´s Goal: Understanding everything

This is a very interesting interview with Google´s Co-Founder Larry Page, who is asked about the future of Google and search-technologies themselves. He says, that nowadays searching is just the tip of an iceberg, and that it´s Googles Goal to make real knowledge out of their search-results. Another remarkable comment of Mr. Page is, that other companies start talking about new technologies just years before they are really able to implement them: Googles strategy always was and will be to develop a technology and just at the point they know it is working, they will speak about it. That´s why Googles as a brand stands for highly effective search and well working systems.

Capizzi – a nice italian-restaurant for having diner throughout the week

A new post in my favourite category: Eatn Drink. We´ve just been to „Capizzi“, a very nice and small italian restaurant in the „Agnes-Viertel“ in Cologne. You can sit in- or outside there, and with it´s sweet interior it has a very nice and familar atmosphere. Prices a very good: a pizza for 5-9 Eur, you´ll be served an antipasti from the house. They even have got my favourite „Kölsch: Reissdorf“. The waiter was very polite, and served a digestif (grappa) for free. Unfortunately you can´t pay with VISA oder Maestro, but it get´s 6 out of 10 stars on my skala, because it´s just the best choice for having an uncomplicated very, very delicous italian-meal throughout the week.
Kasparstraße 19
50670 Köln
0221/732 53 56

( you might use for finding the way.

Organize your life

It´s always the same: sometimes I think my brain is like a „swiss-cheese“. Speaking to many people on the phone, organizing things here and there, I just forget too many things, and it happens too often that I can´t remember things. You say: make todo lists, and guess what? I do. Using iCal and syncing it with my Nokia 6600 it´s getting better. I´m a little bit more organized. But do you remember all the facts from your last phone-conference? What was the price? How big? Hugh, all these crap details, which are so imortant. Now, I´m searching for a kind of CRM system, synchable with iCal for OSX, being able to organize details, making mindmaps out of my notices, using my for all the contacts, and so on. I´d likely have an online solution, such as FURL.COM which is perfect tool on your trips through the internet as rememberall. But I´ve found a different one: it´s called Tinderbox, and says from itself being „The Personal Content Management Assistant.“. I´ve read this post about it on and it sounds really good: you can create mindmaps, keep track of new information, publish your stuff on a webserver, even a blogging-client seems to be integrated. Mmmh. All RSS based, so that you can syndicate all of your content. Friends, i´ve just downloaded the demo. If this small tool will keep all its promises, we should soonly buy stocks from their manufactor eastgate (if there were some 😉
UPDATE: Stocks? Here they are. 😉
UPDATE UPDATE: As Mark Bernstein, chief scientist of eastgate told me in an email, eastgate is fully privately held…So sorry, you can´t buy their stocks, yet. Btw: it´s even possible to post to typepad with this small piece of software. I´ve just played around with it for a very short time: I´ll tell you more about in the next days…;-)And yes, Oliver: Mark´s Site rocks…;-)

Design your company

Well, I´ve recently posted here of changing your view of your company from the inside out. Now it came to my mind, that my designers are just doing that every day: They have to be very empathically, crawling into our customers heads, trying to find out what thoughts they have for their design. They start with a variety of several solutions, making prototypes, revolving the problem, and find the best way for our customers. So, this is exactly how leaders should try to run their company: get into the view of your customers, and involve them into your process of optimization.

Talk about the power of the inet

This post from David Weinberger has some interesting aspects of the power and the structure of the internet: Taking the „Dean Campaign“ as an example he says, that the net is absolutely democratic, and information goes from a sender to an receipient – there´s no control. So, making a „campaign“ is a contradiction in its term itself: you can´t just determine what your receipients will see, they will take what they want to. I think, its a good example in the context of DRM: the internet will alwys be independent; users will always get what they want.