Weblog Spam-Ban

Did you have the same problems, too? Through the last weeks I often found Spam-Comments on my weblog, and it is really damn crap! Based on this article it looks, as if Six Apart, producer of the major blogging-systems Movabletype and Typepad is going to introduce a new system, where you will get a central online-authentication, and then be able to post to weblogs. Let´s see if it will work – I`d rather suggest solutions like central-build blacklists…

Designers truth

This is why designers are mostly negatively compared with „artists“, and some do feel like that. I mostly like the last point: The rest of the world counts. That´s what designer really have to focus on in order to be really successful. And as typographie-guru Wolfgang Beinert teached us, it`s the most important point to be empathic with yur customers.

Back home

Dears, I´m back in cologne, and I´ve to say, the days in munich were just great, though the town itself is not of my „gusto“: everything is very strict, a lot of policeman on the streets, and everything is „clean“. We really had a great time, staying at our friends house (thanks again a lot Tanja, Pablo and Louis, for giving us such a warm and lovelyy home) and meeting lots of interesting people: Andre Varney, a fascinating guy, multi-entrepreneur and „blues-man“. We enjoyed this evening in the Makassar (which I suggest you to stay at whenever you are in Munich) very much – You won`t often find such nice, polite and open-minded people – hope to see you soon again, and good luck in Barcelona 😉 We are quite exhausted, because the night was too long, drinking and having a party for Tanja´s birthday. These guys from HP were really crazy: I liked them very much and our english-french-portugese-german-redwine-mix was just georgous 😉 Back to work tomorrow morning – there are intersting new projects waiting to be done.

Broadening your pond

Reading Ram Charan: Every business is a growth business several new aspects and techniques come to my mind, on how to broad the pond you are swimming in: using this pond.gif matrix, one can analyze your „swimmingpool“. Starting in the lower left corner, you have got existing customers with existing needs making a certain revenue. Now you can start and try to broaden it into several directions. Moving to the right lower corner means to bring your existing products to new customers, going to the upper left corner means to bring new needs to your existing customers, which might be the safest way to braoden your business. Going the diagonal way to the upper left often means to take certain risks introducing new needs to new customers. This matrix fixes to nearly every business, and works like a mind map – just producing new ideas. Play with it 😉

Tired and exhousted

Well, as i´ve posted two days ago, i´ve been to the ITB in Berlin, in order to sell our new online-streaming-products to touristic-companies. We´ve developed a system which enables you to show films about hotels, landscapes or whatever in an extremely fast, easy-to-use and cheap way. The contacs I made were quite succesfull, though I have to say, that telling from day to day always the same stuff, always grinding to people, you know, you would never like to drink a beer with, is very tireing. I know it´s that business – but sometimes I think, a bit more „warmeness“ and openess would be much more nicer. I´m really exhausted, but as the sun is shining today, I know, that´s life…;-)