Back home

Dears, I´m back in cologne, and I´ve to say, the days in munich were just great, though the town itself is not of my „gusto“: everything is very strict, a lot of policeman on the streets, and everything is „clean“. We really had a great time, staying at our friends house (thanks again a lot Tanja, Pablo and Louis, for giving us such a warm and lovelyy home) and meeting lots of interesting people: Andre Varney, a fascinating guy, multi-entrepreneur and „blues-man“. We enjoyed this evening in the Makassar (which I suggest you to stay at whenever you are in Munich) very much – You won`t often find such nice, polite and open-minded people – hope to see you soon again, and good luck in Barcelona 😉 We are quite exhausted, because the night was too long, drinking and having a party for Tanja´s birthday. These guys from HP were really crazy: I liked them very much and our english-french-portugese-german-redwine-mix was just georgous 😉 Back to work tomorrow morning – there are intersting new projects waiting to be done.

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